About JWP Tech


The infrastructure of a network is the backbone of operations. It starts with the internet coming into the building from the Internet Service Provider (ISP) and then is distributed across the building through routing and switching.

  • 500mbps Fiber Circuit into building
  • Wireless Internet Access Points in every classroom
  • VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) Phone Service with administration having Mobile Access
  • VLANs to separate and secure network traffic (Phones, Staff WiFi, Student WiFi, Guest WiFi, Cameras)
  • Dedicated Analog Phone Lines for main calling, faxing, and elevator emergency
  • Virtualized Servers allow easier use, lowered cost, and effective backup

Safety and Security (Physical and Digital)

When families send their children to a school, there is an expectation to keep those children safe. JWP has many beneficial safety and security technology platforms to protect students and staff both physically and digitally.

  • Watchguard Firewall to filter internet traffic for safety as well as prevent unwanted intrusions from hackers
    • Multiple sub-networks separating and designating essential services (Phones)
  • 107 closed-circuit security cameras throughout the building and grounds with administration, School Resource Officer, and local PD access
  • Badge readers at exterior entrances and many in-building locations keep doors locked and log names of those who unlock them
  • Raptor sign-in system for vistors to scan IDs for individuals that should not be in the building

Student Technology

The ultimate goal of a school's technology department is to provide opportunities to learn and grow for students. Personalizing learning is amplified by providing appropriate technologies to students how and when they need them.

  • All students have access to their own Chromebook when necessary
  • GSuite for Education provides students with a platform of tools to utilize in learning
  • Securly Filtering adds additional filtering tools for staff and families as well
  • Lightspeed Classroom for in class monitoring of devices
  • Kajeet Hotspots to provide internet for families who don't have access

Additional Info

  • Video Production Studio to support student learning and broadcast events
  • Business computer lab with 30 windows computers to support student learning